Protected Folder

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vishal on August 23,2016Useful (160 )    Useless (96)
I Have INstalled folders. This is Good Apps.
vishal on August 23,2016Useful (31 )    Useless (24)
I Have INstalled folders. This is Good Apps.
jabeer.saheb on July 02,2016Useful (98 )    Useless (35)
wher i get licence key
sksatar on July 11,2015Useful (148 )    Useless (98)
could you please help on this regrading
sksatar on July 11,2015Useful (134 )    Useless (42)
i have installed protected folder and forget my password
when i entering the password it's display hint
bruceheckman on January 21,2015Useful (45 )    Useless (89)
Thank You LORD Jesus :)
edward on July 12,2013Useful (119 )    Useless (287)
The product works very well.
Cool interface.
lucio on June 28,2013Useful (62 )    Useless (57)
The product works very well. All purchase info is given well before you download the free version. (Some people just can't read or don't bother to.) Cool interface. Does the job.
lucio on June 23,2013Useful (27 )    Useless (31)
I'm recommending this to friends looking for a file secure program.
lucio on June 14,2013Useful (27 )    Useless (42)
Protected Folder does the job, I'm very pleased with it.
Besides, it has a very nice interface.
I would recommend to others
altawjones on June 03,2013Useful (31 )    Useless (63)
It does exactly what it claims and is very easy to use. If you want to protect your data look no further than this program.I whole heartedly recommend it.
sadin.moon on February 21,2013Useful (12 )    Useless (19)
That's a good apps..................................................................................................
you all can use it........
gmail.comradhey on July 14,2012Useful (53 )    Useless (59)
i have very empres to your survice
dnc75 on July 14,2012Useful (27 )    Useless (39)
Most IOBIT software is pretty good, but I cannot recommend this particular product. And whatever you do do not forget your password or you will find yourself stuck with this crap software.
renu43 on April 05,2012Useful (20 )    Useless (11)
i am using this software in browsing center. so that i installed this software in both client & server system. but i am unable to open client system projected folder in server system. please inform how to set up
thedetective on April 04,2012Useful (39 )    Useless (29)
The best and easiest folder locker that I 've seen. Beats more expensive competitors. It doesn't need a degree to use it and I like the interface too, it's easy to unlock folders and equally easy to protect them and doesn't conflict with any other software that I have installed, which incidentally, the more expensive Folder Lock did, at least with me.

OK it doesn't encrypt the files like Folder Lock does, but frankly I couldn't care less, I simply want an inexpensive, effective, easy to use product that hides personal files from prying eyes - I neither want or need anything that can metaphorically take the dog for a walk or cook dinner, I've got a wife who can do those two things brilliantly.

Some people are complaining that they didn't know they were downloading a trial - if ever you see ANY software offering a 'free' download it will - 9 times out of 10 - be on a trial basis - UNLESS you see that it clearly states it's freeware - very few people will spend their own money and invest time and effort into creating something like this for nothing - they will (in most cases) want a return on their investment., although naturally there are exceptions to every rule. There IS free software out there, but if anything is TRULY free (in every sense of the word) then don't expect too much from it.

Having said that, to prove my point about 'exceptions to the rule' there is indeed, good free software available, like Filezilla for uploading website files to a server, Kompozer an HTML editor to create websites and CCleaner which deletes unnecessary files from your hard drive, all are genuinely free to download and use, with the first and latter items regularly being updated - all three let you know they are offered free of charge in every sense of the word - but if you don't see that kind of guarantee - expect to have a trial - even if it says 'Free Download' all that's telling you is the software in question is free to download - NOT free to use ad infinitum.

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