Private Folder 1.0.63

Private Folder 1.0.63

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Oct 01, 2022
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Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

Private Folder 1.0.63 Description

Private Folder is a free tool which can hide or password protect your private folder. Features: Hide folder - The folder will not be displayed in any folder list, neither from explorer nor command prompt. Owner who knows the path can manually go into it without first un-hide it with configuration tool. Lock folder - User will get access denied when accessing folder, need unlock with PrivateFolder configuration tool. Combine with “Hide” option, this can create an absolute hidden folder. In this mode it will return “windows cannot find …” instead of access deny message, just same as the folder does not exist. Lock with password - Upon access, a password prompt popup, access will get permitted with correct password, without unlock from configuration tool. Automatically reset lock - When the unlocked folder is no longer in use (there is no more new file opens) for certain period (default 2 minutes), the lock will be automatically reset in case you forgot to re-lock folder after used. When folder or it’s parent renamed, or drive letter changed, the rule will automatically adjusted to reflect changes, the folder still got hidden/locked. If a mount point created on the volume, accessing folder through the mount point will also got blocked. The hide/lock apply to all users (include administrators) on all sessions. Support both basic volume and dynamic volume. No count limitation on folders protected. No change to file system.

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