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Mar 19, 2019
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PIE Studio Description

PIE Studio Features

* All features of PIE and PrintStation in one application
* Easy and fast printing of loads of pictures
* Printing of multiple pictures in columns and rows
Resize, move, rotate or multiply single pictures
* Automatic sizing and positioning to fit within your selected print settings
* Paper save mode for maximum number of images on a page
* Creation of PDF albums and index files
* Full WYSIWYG preview of all the pages of images you have chosen to print
* Flexible labeling options
Define custom header and footer texts for pages and images
Optionally show metadata above, below or over each image
* Flexible renaming of digital photos
* Edit EXIF tags in JPG files, single file or batch mode, with EXIFcare™ technology
* Adjust or add EXIF date/time in JPG files, adjust in RAW files
* Set file timestamp according to EXIF date/time
* Remove XMP data from JPG
* Thumbnail browser with realtime thumbnail zooming
* Auto orientation
* Lossless JPEG-Rotation
Rotate single pictures or rotate in batch mode
* Automated file transfer from your digital camera memory card with renaming/redating
* Picture preview
* Fast and easy to use image viewer
* Backup and restore of metadata, remove metadata
* Advanced picture information
* File manager with shell integration
File sorting by name, date, shutter, aperture, zoom, ..
* Folders and favorites tree
* Many supported file formats including DICOM (medical imaging) and RAW of almost any digital camera
* and many more...

Supported RAW formats

* Sony .ARW .SR2
* Canon .CRW .CR2
* Adobe Digital Negative .DNG
* Epson .ERF
* Kodak .DCR .KDC
* Mamiya .MEF
* Minolta .MRW
* Nikon .NEF
* Olympus .ORF
* Pentax .PEF
* Fuji .RAF
* Generic .RAW

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