PC Locker Pro 1.2

PC Locker Pro 1.2

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Jun 04, 2023
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Win 95/98/ME

PC Locker Pro 1.2 Description

PC Locker Pro V1.2

Copyright(c) Silver Eagle Software,Inc.

All Rights Reserved.



Email: contact@silvereaglesoft.com


PC Locker Pro is a software that lock and protect your computer when you leave. It has a pretty and friendly interface. ( The interface is the style of WindowsXP. ) It is a powerful software and easy to use. You can lock you computer just by clicking one button in the system tray or using custom hotkey.Then PC Locker Pro will display a lock screen and protected your computer. The windows hotkey and mouse will be disabled. You only need to enter the password to unlock the computer. PC Locker Pro will lock the computer after incorrect shutdown.


1.Lock and protect your computer when you leave.

2.Display a lock screen. ( custom color or custom image )

3.Lock computer after incorrect shutdown.

4.Record unsuccessful attempts.

5.Pretty and friendly interface. ( It is the style of WindowsXP )

6.Easy to use.

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