onenote recovery toolbox  1.0.2

onenote recovery toolbox 1.0.2


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Sep 30, 2022
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onenote recovery toolbox 1.0.2 Description

Thousands of users worldwide use Microsoft OneNote to store their notes, texts, records and other information (images, videos and others) obtained from other applications. This information accumulates day-by-day a little bit at a time and before long becomes essential data. Losing such OneNote notes is a serious problem for the user. Moreover, it is quite complicated and difficult to recover this kind of information from notes. It is possible to solve this problem only with the help of special software, such as OneNote Recovery Toolbox.

OneNote Recovery Toolbox is a small, easy-to-use and effective tool for recovering data from corrupted Microsoft OneNote *.one files. The program interface is clear even for inexperienced users and does not require special knowledge and skills. All the user has to do is to follow the onscreen instructions. The recovery process consists of 3 simple steps: selecting the source file, analyzing the file and extracting the data, and saving the recovered data to the selected folder on the disk. The program allows you to select what you want to save to the disk from the corrupted *.one file. The overall time it takes to recover the data depends on the size of the source file and the performance of your computer. It is impossible to save the data to the disk in the DEMO version of the program. The user can only view the list of recovered files and their size. To remove this restriction, you have to buy a license for the full version of the program.

OneNote Recovery Toolbox is a tool developed specifically for recovering data from corrupted Microsoft OneNote *.one files. The program interface is as simple and easy to learn as possible. You will save data from a corrupted Microsoft OneNote file in just a few clicks.

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