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Jan 16, 2021
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OMRDB Standard Description

Powerful software that automatically marks multiple-choice papers. OMR software is used by many businesses, schools, universities, colleges, training organizations, healthcare facilities, hospitals, medical colleges, government, market research and non profit organizations who rely on data collected for assessment reports, statistics, quantitative analysis reports, quality control sheets and evaluation reports for conferences. OMR Paper forms are scanned using an regular image or document scanner and processed on your computer using OMR software. OMR software detects and captures the filled in checkbox bubbles and converts the captured marks into data which can be exported to an excel spreadsheet or other format. Scanned OMR Sheet Detection The filled in checkbox bubbles are detected, captured and converted into columns of data by the OMR Software. The captured data can then be exported to an external spreadsheet or other external management software. OMR Software is the easiest to use, fast, reliable all-in-one system, for reading and capturing people's filled in response marks from paper based, checkbox forms and converting them into spreadsheet data. Users of OMR Software OMR Software has commonly been used by schools, colleges and universities to automatically mark exam papers, but OMR also used in many other types of organizations, industries and businesses, particularly for paper surveys. Paper forms are often a more convenient way rather than computer based forms, to collect people's checkbox responses from multiple choice question tests, assessments, exams, quizzes, evaluations, ballot papers, checklists and surveys. -Healthcare - patient surveys and assessments. -Education - tests, exams and quizzes -Human Resources - apptitude tests, mbti tests. -Conferences - evaluation surveys. -Government - in house ballot papers. -Non Profit Organizations - data collection for evaluations and reports.
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