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Sep 29, 2022
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Network PC Monitor Description

Keeping a close watch at each and every one of your employees can be difficult and so, their fluctuating performance report can be a matter of concern for your company. To make sure what your employees are doing, switch to Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer- expedient network pc monitor software. This is a cutting-edge network pc monitor software integrated with latest monitoring technology to help you any monitor on your network.

The software offers the facility of remote installation so that the target users never come to know about their system being monitored. Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer shows you what the users are doing in real-time. Being an intelligent network pc monitor tool, Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer enables you to view LIVE activities on employee computer. Keep an eye on all computers in LAN remotely from a single administrator's PC using Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer software. Make sure they don't waste time by playing games or surfing net when they are expected to work.


* Real time employee activity monitoring over LAN.
* Monitor LIVE desktop activities of multiple computers from a centralized location.
* Monitor 'n' number of computers simultaneously.
* Monitor and record activities of computers with dual monitor.
* Record and save employee activities in AVI format.
* Schedule for offline recording option to record employee desktop activities in absence of administrator.
* Manage computers remotely with administrative control options like close it, lock it, restart it, start screen saver and remove wallpaper.
* Perform invisible monitoring and stealth monitoring from remote computer.
* Send instant messages to target computer(s).
* Perform fast monitoring of Windows 7 installed systems.
* Send monitoring notifications to the target computer(s).
* Boost employee efficiency and improve profit margins.

Developed to be network pc monitor software, this software seeks for a server and a client to operate and perform PC monitoring. This network pc monitor tool helps you keep a close watch on decreasing employee performance and questionable employee activities by safeguarding intellectual property and sensitive company information. At times when you are not available on your desk, you can still track desktop activities of your employees by simply scheduling the computer for offline recording. Using this feature, you can schedule the software to record the activities on selected computers for a particular time period. Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer will initiate the recording and save the recorded clip in AVI format.

Always ascertain that to monitor desktop activities of employees, the computer(s) must exist in the domain or workgroup based network. Additionally, you must have complete administrative rights to monitor the activities. Manage the computer systems of your employees with administrative control options that allow you to execute commands like Lock Computers, Restart Computers, Shut Down Computers, Log Off Computers, Start Screen Saver on monitored computer and Remove Wallpaper of the monitored computer. With features like this, network PC monitor software is a must for organization owners who wish to make sure there is no issue like employee security breach, misconduct and illegitimate transfer of intellectual property.

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