Nemo Fast Track v1.072 Beta

Nemo Fast Track v1.072 Beta

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Apr 13, 2021
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Win NT/2000/XP/2003

Nemo Fast Track v1.072 Beta Description

Nemo Fast Track is essentially a file manager that will allow you to search many files or directories very fast. Its search capabilities can be extended to zipped files and even to external devices like CDs. In fact, using this program, you can search and browse your CDs without the CDs. Under the hood this is done by creating a local database which contains the information from all files and directories from any kind of storage device (Hard disk, CDROM, Flash etc.) and then a search will be done in the database rather than the storage device. Through this approach you can easily locate any type of file through file names, folders, date, size and finally by content. The search facility was designed with ergonomy in mind. Pressing Alt and X together, followed by part of the filename you are looking for, will bring up a window showing you the results while you type. To be sure you got the right file you are provided with a quick preview panel. This supports common file types notably media player files, image files, plain text, web pages, zip files, etc. and the most common electronic document formats like PDF, MS Word and MS Excel. As a file manager it supports bookmarking as well as commenting of offline files. A quick filter allows you to easily locate your files in a folder. You can encrypt or split files and even lock folders with a password in a snap(note that the protection provides only medium level security). Moreover this application can make backups of your precious documents automatically, allowing you to keep several versions of your previous document changes. In this way you can undo changes to those documents at several levels. The program comes with several other gadgets and enhancements like a desktop calendar/memo, a utility to secure your sensible drives by hiding them from Windows Explorer and the ability to change folder icons. Unfortunately the program does not yet come with a detailed help file but with a quick start facility that will put you on track in no time. Note that this is a lite version of the full program that is yet to be released. Try it ounce and you will most probably not want to use the Windows built-in search again!

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