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Dec 04, 2016
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Naruto Folder Icons Description

I always have had loads of Naruto Stuff in my computer but I never had specific icons to suite the contents of Naruto Folders. I made these 20 Naruto Folder Icons cause I couldn't find a suitable icon.

The 20 Naruto Folder Icons have the following character icons:

Jiraiya: 01 Icon
Kabuto: 01 Icon
Naruto: 03 Icon
Sasuke: 02 Icon
Yamato: 01 Icon
Tsunade: 01 Icon
Sai: 01 Icon
Hinata: 01 Icon
Hatake Kakashi: 02 Icon (One Reflection & One Normal)
Sakura: 01 Icon
Guren: 01 Icon
Orochimaru: 02 Icon

The two Sasuke Folder Icons: In one Icon Sasuke is unleashing his cursed seal and in the other icon Sasuke is firing his Chidori. The Icon where Sasuke's firing a Chidori is made with a aqua blue glow so as to get the feel of Chidori.

Also, throughout the series the liked three eyes i.e., Orochimaru's Eye, Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan & Sasuke's Sharingan. So, I made three icons on those too.

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