Name The Picture funny captions game 1.2

Name The Picture funny captions game 1.2


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May 26, 2022
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Name The Picture funny captions gam Description

How to play

The aim of Name The Picture is to think of funny captions for pictures, by thinking of a hilarious caption. An every day image is displayed, and you have to write a funny caption to it. Here's how this funny captions game works:

Step 1: Join the lobby either as a member, or as a guest.

Step 2: Join a room - There are both "clean" captions, and "dirty" rooms.

Step 3: Watch the picture and think of a funny caption - write your caption!

Step 4: Vote for the caption you deem the funniest.

Step 5: You earn a point per vote, and if your caption gets the most votes, you win an extra point for that round!

There are cycles of 7 rounds. The 7th round is a "final round", where there is some special instruction for the writing of the caption, E.G: 'Write a caption as an advertising slogan ' etc.

An actual game lasts until someone wins a Token, and then a new game starts - resetting all points.

A Token is won when someone reaches 15 points. Tokens are displayed next to the users' name in the users list. Member's Tokens are saved on the system for when they log back in. There are rankings for the amount of Tokens won. Here are the rankings:

0-19 Tokens = Newbie

20 Tokens = Mortal

50 Tokens = High Mortal

100 Tokens = Avatar

200 Tokens = High Avatar

250+ Tokens = Hero

Players logging in as a guest do not have their Tokens or their nickname saved. Only members have this benefit.

Whois information:

If you click this button in the game, this is your 'whois' information. You can change it, add your email address if you like, add a picture, your name, some information about yourself.

To check out another player's 'whois' info, type: "/whois username" (no quotes, and press enter), in the chat. This will popup that players 'whois' info. Or, you can right click on a player's name in the chat for the options. Whois info is only changeable for members.

Private message:

/msg username Hi, how's it going? --This will send that user a private message.

/r it's going good thanks --This will reply to the last person that messaged you.

Other commands:

Type "/?" in the chat for a full list of the other commands. No one else sees your slash commands, and "/?" will only display the information to you.

"/me" can be useful, the "/me" is replaced with your nickname:

"/me moonwalks across the room" -- This will display for all in the chat to see as:

* MyNickName moonwalks across the room

"/away": If you are leaving your computer for a while, but aren't quitting NTP, let people know by using this. Your name will turn blue in the users list for all to see: Guest100

"/back": Lets everyone know you have returned from away, and sets your name back to normal color.

Joining / Parting rooms, refresh rooms list:

There are arrow buttons at the top right, for moving back and forward into rooms. Also "ALT + Right Arrow (on the keyboard)", or "ALT + Left Arrow" will do the same as clicking on these.

The refresh button will refresh the rooms list in the Lobby which will update how many people are in each room. If you are waiting to enter a full room (MAXED), then be sure to use the refresh button to check if anyone has left. (F5 also refreshes).

If a picture does not load:

In the rare instance if a picture does not load fully, you can click on the image to retry. (either right or left click will work).

Sound and Settings:

Click the settings button to access various settings and sound. Under the "Sound" tab, you have the option to turn sound on or off (use the mute buttons), and order your music playlist using the arrow buttons.

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