morse machine  2.5

morse machine 2.5


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May 26, 2018
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morse machine 2.5 Description

Morse Machine is a combined Morse Tutor and Reader program which may be useful to anyone learning Morse.

* Speed adjustable from about 8 to 32 w.p.m. in two ranges.

* Adjustable delay between characters while retaining the correct speed of each character.

* Selectable 'blocks' of letters to assist early learning of the code.

* Generates random groups of letters, numbers or a mixture of the two.

* Can generate Morse from text typed at the keyboard or 'imported' from a file.

* Can optionally generate 'Procedural' codes (such as End Message: AR).

* Punctuation can be included or not.

* Can send some special Scandinavian 'Accented' letters.

* Adjustable Morse Tone uses the PC's internal speaker so no soundcard is required.

* Major settings are saved for the next learning session.

* Can read Morse from an external source (such as a Morse key) plugged into the PC's Game/Joystick port.

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