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Mar 06, 2021
11.5.0 Build 5407
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Win 7/Vista/XP

ModelMaker C# Edition Description

The C# edition is specifically designed for generating native C# code. The C# 1 - C# 5 .NET framework syntax is fully supported. ModelMaker C# Edition has full reverse engineering capabilities and import existing C# code. including generics and nested types. Delphi and Visual Studio IDE Integration experts take care of synchronizing ModelMaker and the Delphi and or Visual Studio IDE editors.

ModelMaker's active modeling engine maintains all relationships between classes and their members. This is the base for ModelMaker's restructuring power. For example: Renaming a class or changing its ancestor immediately propagates to the automatically generated source code. If you change a (virtual) method, the overriding methods are automatically updated and regenerated. Tasks like overriding methods, adding events, properties and access methods are reduced to selecting and clicking in dedicated dialogs.

Apart from those you'll find that you can drag drop (or copy /paste) almost any entity to copy, rearrange or convert it. For example:

* Copy/Move members to another class.
* Convert local variable or procedure to a field or method.
* Add/Remove a class to/from a module.
* Rearrange classes within modules.
* Create a Delegate from a method.
* Create an Event property or Event handler method from a Delegate.
* Much more included; check the user manual chapter Drag and Drop support.

Design and UML Modeler

You design in the UML modeler and/or the code model views. ModelMaker supports the full set of UML diagrams:

* Class Diagrams - classes can be visualized in many different ways.
* Implementation Diagrams - both Component and Deployment diagrams are supported.
* Package Diagrams - including auto generated (Pascal) Unit Dependency Diagrams.
* Use Case Diagrams - any symbol can be linked to other diagrams and external documents.
* Robustness Analysis Diagrams - a bridge between the use cases and detailed design.
* Sequence Diagrams - methods can be created right in the diagram editor. Check movie with some Sequence Diagram Editor features.
* Collaboration Diagrams and Concurrency Diagrams - to model (real time) dynamics.
* State Chart Diagrams - including composite states and Concurrency.
* Activity Diagrams - including Swimlanes and Object Flow visualization.
* UML 2 Interaction Overview Diagrams - combining Activity and Sequence diagram show high level overviews.
* ISO Flow charts - Very similar to UML Activity diagrams but in ISO 9000 style.
* Mind Map Diagrams - Visually organize your thoughts.

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