kyrathasoft christian prayer minder

kyrathasoft christian prayer minder


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May 26, 2022
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Win 7/Vista/2000/2003/XP

kyrathasoft christian prayer minder Description

Prayers that are saved can have a title, author, and multiple text tags associated with them, for later searching. Upon loading a previously saved prayer, an "Answers" textbox field becomes available to you, in which you can journal how God has answered that prayer, to date. Use it it give Him thanks for his faithfulness and providence! Although not available in v1.0.6.9, future versions will allow the user to set prompts to be reminded at certain times to pray. The program contains lots of great information about various aspects of prayer, including group prayer, prayer and fasting, and many more. You can, optionally, password a particular author's prayer files, such that without entering the appropriate password, no files can be created with that author's name, or loaded from file if that author created them.


* pray at the speed of typing (for me, that's about 85 wpm)

* enter author, and any related tags to help in future searches (or omit them)

* main form features fantastic background images, many of them by J. R. Bell

* twelve fore-/back-color schemes for the "My Prayers" panel

* option to launch application when Windows starts

* ten in-depth articles on prayer-related topics

* articles on spiritual disciplines, and the Biblical plan of salvation

* ability to print the article, or whatever portion of its text is selected

* recommended further reading (some titles with accompanying URLs)

* real-time filesystem watcher monitors for creation/deletion/renaming of prayer files

* informative message-boxes

* program uses index files to make searching for specific prayer files faster

* warns user if they attempt to save a prayer file in a non-MyPrayers directory

* error-trapping correctly detects and handles case where user attempts to load a

non-PrayerMinder file

* click a Search result in ListBox to view its filename, lastModified date, path to file,

Author, and tags

* double-click the Search result entry to load that prayer file

* zero Registry footprint

* you can now increase or decrease font size in the MyPrayers textbox by selecting your

desired font size in Options

* three ways to exit application: close button, file menu, or Escape key

* optional "Did You Know" dialog at program startup

* search either by author and/or tags, using indexes (fast: on the order of milliseconds)

* search within prayer file contents for a search phrase, returning all files that contain

that search phrase (slow: seconds, not milliseconds)

* if you double-click a Search results listbox entry and it is the result of a

search-within-for-phrase Search, the search-phrase is highlighted when the prayer file is loaded

* smart-saving removes any excess whitespace from the prayer before saving it

* removed some unneeded complexity in methods searchPrayers() and lstSearchResults_DoubleClick().

* now, the lstSearchResults ListBox doesn't clear except when the "Begin Search" button or the

"Dismiss Search" button is clicked. That way, if a search returns multiple items in the ListBox,

you can return to the ListBox repeatedly and double-click on different entries in order to load

the associated prayer file

* added a dropdown combobox control to the Search panel, to make it easy to select a Search mode.

Tested to ensure it works as expected. This change allowed me to cut several lines of code from

the searchPrayers() method.

* added feature so that user can opt to assign a files backup directory (a DropBox subfolder,

for instance). As long as that directory remains assigned, the MyPrayers directory and the

backup directory will be kept in sync by the program. If they get out of sync while the program

isn't running, it will bring them back into sync the next time it's run.

* you can now check the checkbox located below the Begin Search and Dismiss Search buttons, in

order to search within the actual prayer itself in each file, rather than by the associated

author and/or tags for each prayer file. Any prayer files that contain the search-phrase will

be added to the search listbox. If you double-click on one of those listbox items, not only is

that prayer file loaded, but the first occurrence of the search-phrase is selected.

* context menu to print prayer from its entry textbox, or to print selection or export selection

to file

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