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Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security is a solution created with your small office in mind. Fast and easy installation, with sensible defaults that let you protect all your systems effortlessly, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business - without worrying about security.


Integrated security for laptops, desktops & servers

* Antivirus
* Proactive Defense
* Heuristic Analysis
* Firewall*
* Application Control
* Intrusion Prevention
* Anti-Rootkit
* Antispam*

Comprehensive protection from all online threats, hackers & spam

* Hourly automated updates
* Consistently high detection rates
* Free version upgrades & new features

Ensures the integrity of valuable & sensitive data

* Protects in- & outgoing data: email, IM & web
* Secures valuable customer & financial data
* Protects from online identity theft

Minimum impact on system performance

* Small, incremental updates will not slow you down
* Technology for fast performance
* Balances scan speeds with increased user activity

Scales as your business grows

* Modular solution that evolves with business needs
* Easy to add new users
* Rich solution set allows simple diversification

Quick & simple to install; easy to use

* Step by step, easy to follow installation
* Laptops are protected when on the move
* Invisible protection; work without interruption

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