IObit Uninstaller 6

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stanleydeanparker on October 04,2013Useful (26 )    Useless (40)
it is without a DOUBT (NO NOT THE BEST BUT CLOSE) full uninstaller (WAS THE BEST EVER UNTIL THEY CHAnged the name and functioning of it, and there use: FULL UNINSTALLER BLUE DARK BLUE ICON APP WITH ARROW TYPE SYMBOL ON IT, THIS IS THE VERY BEST YET OLDER VERSION, DON'T UPDATE IT THEY RRUIN IT BY CLONING IT CRAPPING IT ALL UP, STICK WITH OLD VERSION UNTIL ONE YEAr it becomes outdated, but not for quite a few years, once encoding of installs changes, then full uninstall old fabulous version will be obsolute... UNTIL THAT YEAR NJOY!!! CYAZZZ NJOY UR PC TIMEzZz...!...
williamllozier on July 16,2013Useful (29 )    Useless (76)
None cons to speak of.
edward on July 12,2013Useful (23 )    Useless (20)
I've used the Iobit Uninstaller for a couple of years now, and it just works like a charm. No frills or extras, it does what it's meant to do without problems or incidents. It doesn't take up a lot of disk space and has worked with everything I've tried it with. I definitely recommend it !
lucio on June 28,2013Useful (15 )    Useless (16)
Terrific uninstaller that can remove toolbars and 64 bit programs. A nice touch is the way it automatically sets a restore point before uninstalling, which others don't do. Does a good job of cleanup afterwards, but may sometimes miss stuff. Also, it blocks the online survey page that many programs try to take you to, which can be either a pro or a con.
lucio on June 23,2013Useful (9 )    Useless (8)
Normal installers leave behind unnescesaries while this one competly deletes games when u need to reinstall things
altawjones on June 03,2013Useful (21 )    Useless (16)
I love this uninstaller. It helps me get rid of many toolbars.
hunpet on February 11,2013Useful (33 )    Useless (22)
The best program uninstaller
mike.l.jackson1 on January 24,2013Useful (39 )    Useless (41)
The best free uninstall tool available, much better then most paid software.
computerzombie on December 28,2012Useful (30 )    Useless (59)
BEST THING EVER. I came here because revo unistaller was having problems with MSVC++. This is waay better.
ms.rajeshkum on December 23,2012Useful (32 )    Useless (49)
This application is best.
c00lrai on November 22,2012Useful (48 )    Useless (75)
Seems to do the job quite well. Great for a free app! I have just downloaded the new version (2). Thanks a lot for this nice app!
spook1027 on November 07,2012Useful (61 )    Useless (19)
Cleans deap. Ignore these useless votes. They are just that USELESS. How dense can you be? It's FREE and is a great program.
veraaux04 on October 25,2012Useful (52 )    Useless (40)
The best thing i've ever downloaded!
gorlexx on July 30,2012Useful (41 )    Useless (22)
Программа шикарная. Использую давно, но нет русского языка, хотя заявлена поддержка.
(The chic program. Use a long time ago, but no Russian language, although it is for support.)
bwak on April 05,2012Useful (42 )    Useless (125)
Loyal costumer from the start and anyone who is otherwise just hasn't tried it. Brilliant job IObit. You're sure to put the big ones out of the job.
grateful on April 01,2012Useful (43 )    Useless (12)
This is FAST without the lengthy lists of found leftovers as is sometimes found in Revo Unistaller. It's accurate as well. Nothing is left over, yet it has never hurt my computer, even the least little bit. I use nothing else anymore! In my opinion, it even beats Revo Uninstaller Pro.

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