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Aug 14, 2022
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Intranet Dashboard Description

An unlimited number of users can communicate, publish and collaborate within an infinite number of on-demand workspaces and customizable intranet sites. iD features an impressive suite of over 40 clever intranet & extranet tools to enhance and improve the efficiency of your organization.

With offices, consultants and representatives in the US, UK and Australia, you can build a better intranet. Today.

Smart Intranet Management

Centralised intranet Management

* Manage your intranet using a unified and consolidated approach to site administration and management.
* A central hub where the intranet infrastructure is viewable and the usage is monitored.
* Delegate tasks via a browser based management console that allows you to perform powerful administrative functions.
* Manage standards and governance.
* Manage users and content across multiple subsites.

Clever Tools & Applications
includes over 40 Tools

Clever Tools - Applications

* Intranet DASHBOARD comes complete with a suite of over 40 intranet tools / applications (out-of-the-box) - all inclusive at no extra cost. See Product Information for more information.
* Clever tools make life easier and deliver ROI. Once cumbersome tasks are now made simple and are readily accessible from your desktop delivering productivity and efficiency gains.
* Rapidly enhance your intranet or portal with applications that provide productive functionality, as well as information collaboration and integration with existing applications and data.
* Increase usage with engaging sticky content - killer apps that encourage usage and return visits.
* Tools that are so useful everyday you can't help but keep using them!
* Intuitive usable tools reduce training costs. No technical knowledge is needed.
* Integrate your existing applications via web services.
* The comprehensive out-of-the-box suite is extensive and constantly evolving. More info.

Multiple Level Architecture (Unique Functionality)
Multiple Level Architecture

* Develop a multi level intranet with unique, relevant content and functionality at each subsite.
* Customizable subsite homepages - vary and adjust your departments' homepage making it more focused and relevant.
* Build sites according to user needs - different parts of your organisation have different priorities so make their site relevant for them.
* Create team workspaces that can be customised according to the business requirements.

Publishing - "Content Management"
Publishing - Content Publisher

* A content management system that allows even a novice to publish pages, build websites and develop an intranet or portal from their desktop.
* Standardized publishing system - simple and intuitive process.
* Rapid deployment - upload, preview and publish.
* Front-end user submission of content on tools such as News, Acronym Manager, Staff Offers, Image Library, Digital Assets Library, Company Calendar, Project Space, Meeting Room Booking, FAQs and Forum.

Document Management

* Make documents and forms available via a flexible, easy to use repository system.
* Track changes and meet compliance requirements with version control and check in / check out capabilities.
* Easily manage company documentation - add, edit and delete documents in the catalogue.
* Categorise according to your requirements - create category levels and manage changes to categories, add relevant search criteria to documents to enable easier access.
* Comprehensive search across the entire repository or within specific categories.
* Use Project Space for unique teams to collaborate on documents and solve issues.

Real-Time Deployment
Real Time Deployment

* Implement an intranet in a day! Yes it's true. Intranet DASHBOARD includes all you need to create a feature rich intranet immediately.
* Create subsites and team workspaces in minutes not months. Customise according to your business requirements.
* Install applications, upload, view and publish all through one system in real time.
* Always up to date - changes and additions can be made easily and swiftly deployed to the live environment.
* Integrated measurement tools allow you to monitor audience reactions and information effectiveness readily.

Delegated Authoring and Administration

* Delegate authoring and administration. Assign administration to individual sites or applications - giving total or partial rights.
* Password protection ensures administrators can be restricted to particular functions.

Customized Navigation
Customised Navigation

* Customize your users experience with intuitive navigation, and pre-defined template interfaces.
* Easy to access navigation, relevant to users.
* Integrates with Content Publisher, Document Manager and other applications.

Customized and Flexible
Look and Feel
Flexible and Intuitive Look and Feel

* Create, adjust or even change the look and feel easily - the front end can be customized to your requirements and branding needs.
* Use the Layout Manager application to adjust or modify screen layout quickly and easily. Use iD Themes to change colors and logos.
* Tailor the Intranet DASHBOARD interface to your organization or use pre-defined templates supplied within.
* An intuitive and consistent interface underpins the administrative system. Simple 'point and click' functionality makes the backend extremely user friendly.
* A single consistently styled interface ensures that administrators can modify various features without having to learn new techniques.
* Extensive user testing means the interface is accessible to administrators from all skill levels.


* Secure administration area using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

Multi Level Access/Permissions
Multi Level Access/Permissions

* Multiple levels of administrator permissions can be assigned.
* Organize access according to the needs of the administrator - complete flexibility to customise permissions and access. Create role-based user groups using hierarchical structures that reflect either business objectives, processes or both.

Comprehensive Security
Comprehensive Security

* Password protection ensures administrators can be restricted to particular functions.
* Password security logging means administration staff are monitored each time they make changes.

Live Statistics
Live Statistics

* Measure your ROI in real time, constantly monitor intranet usage and effectiveness of content.
* Full e metrics - live statistics and categorized feedback provide full site reporting capabilities.
* Make informed and timely decisions - access to the right information regarding the success/usage of applications allowing immediate scalability to the needs of the entire organization.
* Usage statistics will report areas in need of improvement - real-time changes can be made.

Ease of Use
Ease of Use

* Extensive user testing means the interface is accessible to administrators from all skill levels.
* Easy to use - intuitive point and click interface, no HTML or technical knowledge is required to administrate web pages or tools.
* Wizard style creation.
* Move files around and maintain links dynamically.

Built on Open Standards
Built on Open Standards

* Windows-based platform eliminates the need to purchase additional proprietary systems and components - hardware and software.
* Supports widely used industry standards for application integration. Intranet DASHBOARD uses the Microsoft .NET framework for enhanced stability and compatibility.
* Intranet DASHBOARD will integrate with other existing applications/enterprise systems.
* Robust data storage and load balancing.

Multilingual Capabilities
Multilingual Capabilities

* Create a truly global multi national intranet allowing multilingual support for individual websites.
* Enhance intranet usage throughout a global enterprise by creating homepages in local languages.
* Multilingual functionality (Any UTF-8 compliant language).
* Front end language localization with custom XML language documents.
* Different users can then view the same site in different languages.
* Enable one internal communications system for all your company offices/ locations across the world.


* Intranet DASHBOARD provides a management hub that can scale from department to enterprise level deployment.
* No limitations. You can start small within an organisation and then iD can grow with the organization, or you can deploy it as the intranet itself grows.
* Robust data storage and load balancing.
* A multi-tiered object-oriented architecture which makes it "futureproof" and easily scalable.
* Expand to meet your growing business needs by scaling:
o Number of applications.
o Number of websites.
o Number of users accessing the system.
o Number of distributed hosts.

Extranets, Portals, Enterprise Information Portal (EIP)
Extranets, Portals, Enterprise Information Portal (EIP)

* Use Intranet DASHBOARD to create extranet sites that provide world-class secure environments for you to communicate, and share information with partners, suppliers or clients.
* Intranet DASHBOARD can facilitate an enterprise portal bringing together a common interface and platform for your organization's applications and content.
* Any of the content contained within your intranet can be placed in a portlet via an XML file to be displayed on your website through an EIP - Enterprise Information Portal.
* Enhance your existing portal or CMS using Intranet DASHBOARD applications because they easily deploy to an EIP through webservices on all bundled applications.

Online Help

* Intranet DASHBOARD customers have access to a broad range of support packages. ADWEB can ensure that each and every implementation is a complete success.
* Comprehensive help is available through the administration - no need to race back to the manual.
* Our technical team can help ensure the successful implementation of your system. A number of email support packages are available. All support queries are handled by a team of skilled technical consultants to provide quick and cost effective assistance for our customers.
* Visit the Help and Support website and free community-based forums.
* Access comprehensive online tutorials.
* Software Assurance keeps you up-to-date with the latest minor releases and patches.

Technology and Integration
Technology Adapters

* Standard enterprise tools are not affected - integrate and run Intranet DASHBOARD alongside your existing intranet system or migrate legacy tools in stages.
* Content integration adapters for the most common technologies eg, COM, ODBC, FTP, SNMP, HTTP, and XML.

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