Hulu Desktop

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digestive on August 04,2011Useful (3 )    Useless (2)
I give Hulu Desktop the nod over Boxee and YouTube XL thanks to Hulu's excellent player interface and navigation. I recommend it to all of you.
bfdbd on July 13,2011Useful (1 )    Useless (2)
It's great, and free. I recommend signing up for an account, then you get commercials you may actually care about. And thumbs up/down makes you feel like you actually have an impact on the ads. Just be aware what info you make public about your profile.
fgnng on July 13,2011Useful (2 )    Useless (0)
Good software except it plants itself into your start up listing. This should be a run as you need it. Not every time you start your computer. Demoted two stars for this naughty behavior. Video streaming handled well and even restarted when a few connections dropped unexpectedly. Pleasant surprise.
blacky on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
I love this, it makes my desktop more fashionable and i recommended this to does who wants to have a unique style of desktop ahm... THings make better with Hulu i guest i will just wait for new version of it..
ngnmgf on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
great and free i recommend this software because it is ver easy to use and very efficient and nice to work with this software.what more i can say is it is verry easy to work and very effficiecnt it is very useful to all types of users
bvfgbdf on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
The real answer is RealPlayer SP. I tried Hulu, but it doesn't even come close to the never-questioned download & playback abilities of RealPlayer. I often had the sense that Hulu was trying to CENSOR what I was trying to download!?
uuub on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
It is a good software and very usefull.I would like to use it as soon as pssible.
vsbdf on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
its good softeally useable..but i have 2 write at least 200 characters so is so good that the innovators are thinkin that way and made this in many ways funny aplication..what else to write..thank u it man
ihjgy on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
This is the best thing to get on your handheld device so get it now
fbdvn on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
vfvfdbg on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
Software.. A great new look for desktop.
vsvfgsb on July 13,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
The real answer is RealPlayer SP. I tried Hulu, but it doesn\\\'t even come close to the never-questioned download

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