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Nov 22, 2014
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HJSplit Description

HJSplit supports many platforms (Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, DOS, Amiga, Java, etc.). All versions are compatible with each other and allow you to exchange files between these different platforms. E.g. a file split on the Amiga can be joined on Windows 2000 and vice versa.

Now what's the use of a program like HJSplit? Think of a file of 20 Mb, and try to send this to a friend. Using email this does not succeed, it is simply too large, and how to put it onto a floppy? HJSplit will enable you to split the large file into smaller chunks, which can be much more easily sent and stored.

What about a backup of very large Gigabyte sized files? HJSplit (Windows and Java version) also can handle these! E.g. HJSplit allows you to split a 10 Gb file into 640 Mb parts, which can then be stored onto CD-Rom's by your CD-writer software.

Of course HJSplit can join these split parts back together again, so that the original file is restored. Alternatively, you can use HJJoin for this, which is a tiny and specialized program for joining files.

HJSplit is very reliable, simple, small and easy to use. It does not need any installation or complicated DLLs, it just consists of one '.exe' file. This means that you can also run it directly from a floppy or CD-Rom.

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User reviews of HJSplit

blooding on August 01,2011 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
wonderful and so easy to use! i wish other things on the web were so quick and reliable as hjsplit. it is uncomplicated and always does the job perfectly.
away on July 26,2011 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
Is one of the best spliters ever... you just have to set up the volume of the file and you're off...
I use this app all the time.

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