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May 24, 2018
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HJSplit 3.0 Description

HJSplit is a popular freeware program to split and recombine files. The program is available on Windows, Linux and a variety of other platforms.

Why should one want to split and recombine files? For instance, think of a file of 50 Mb, and try to send it to a friend, post it in a newsgroup or upload it to a Website or FTP server. It is usually easier to send/receive, upload/download smaller parts than handle the entire file in one go.

HJSplit can also be useful for backups. A file of e.g. 10 gigabytes in size can be split into smaller parts which then can be burned to CD's, DVDs, copied to USB sticks or uploaded to an online backup service.

HJSplit for Windows and Linux support file sizes of over 100 Gigabytes, MD5 checksums, file-compare, "run without install" and both editions are fully portable.

The following platforms are supported: Windows, Linux, MAC, BSD, Java, PHP, Amiga, Windows 3.x, DOS, OS/2

All HJSplit editions are compatible with each other and allow you to exchange files between different operating systems. E.g. a file split on Linux can be joined on Windows 7 and vice versa.

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User reviews of HJSplit 3.0

houston on July 11,2013 Useful (1)      Useless (0)
Wow, pros? well, it downloaded easily.
yicheng on June 13,2013 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
HJ-Split's ultrasimple interface has six buttons, four of which access tools: Split, Join, Checksum, and Compare; and About and Exit buttons, with Web links on the About button and the interface that access an online Help file. HJSplit is ultrasimple to use, too. Clicking Split or Join calls up simple dialogs that involve browsing for source and destination files, setting the split file size, and pressing Start.
limegooger on June 04,2013 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
Might be a good program if hijacker malware were not included. "Blekko" installs even when unchecked during installation.
pettere on August 23,2011 Useful (2)      Useless (0)
Wow, I'm really a lucky one. I've just discovered this little software that allows me to get rid of many troubles in trying to recover files (exp was with some mp3 files which I downloaded from Rapidshare) made in .rar or .zip for instance. With software utilities such as Winrar or Winzip it was impossible to get the files I wanted to retrieve, but once I began to use HJSplit it worked! The files which ended, especially, with [name].zip.001 and .zip.002 (example) did not work before I used HJSplit: dubious and cryptic error messages were repetitive with Winrar - it was much frustrating. The greatest thing about HJSplit is the fact that it is FREE. And, dammit, it works!

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