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Oct 14, 2021
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Win 7/Vista/XP

Helicon Filter Pro Description

Helicon Filter is a program for image editing. Here you can do basic things such as cropping, resizing, correcting brightness and contrast, adjusting the white balance, and sharpening, etc., in just few clicks. But Helicon Filter offers more than just basic operations: it also includes many advanced features.

Helicon Filter has tools for all tastes. You'll easily master the enjoyable art of retouching, with our full set of brushes and real-time preview. And you'll find it easy to make your images memorable by creating interesting effects and adding frames and text.

Using Helicon Filter, editing is non-destructive and implemented via "filters." The "filters" are layered over the original photo and can be undone and reapplied at any moment and in any sequence. Even if you reopen a photo in Helicon Filter, you can load previously applied filters and edit them.

Task-oriented Interface
You're sure to have a quick start with Helicon Filter, thanks to the intuitive interface and the contextual help system.

Even if you've never done any image editing before and don't know what can be done to an image, when you use Helicon Filter, you can learn it from the interface. The names of the tabs tell you about the typical tasks of image editing: adjusting brightness or colors, removing noise and aberrations, correcting distortions, sharpening, etc. On each tab you only see the tools for that specific task and the tools change as you move from tab to tab. Corrections that you make on one tab are called a "filter."

Retouching Brushes with Real-Time Preview
Maybe you've always wanted to look better in photographs...but you've always feared that retouching was too complicated? With Helicon Filter, you can easily remove any annoying blemishes and emphasize your good points. There really is a brush for every problem: the "Change color" brush is for changing the skin tone, the "Sharpen" brush is for sharpening the eyes, the "Delete scratches" brush is for removing wrinkles and pimples, and so forth.

Focus Stacking for Extended Depth of Field
Helicon Filter has basic focus stacking tools that allow you to create images with an extended depth of field. For advanced focus stacking! Generally, you can get good results with the basic algorithms. Focus stacking can also help you to get rid of noise in the image by averaging a few photographs of the same scene.

Frames, Text, and Creative Effects
Some images are so special that you want to do something extra with them. With Helicon Filter, you can write funny or romantic texts, create sweet or stylish frames and add professional effects to your photographs. You can also: create vignetting; add tilt focus and colors effects, such as saturating and desaturating some colors; add half-toning; make most of the image black and white, while leaving in a single accent color; and add a subtle hue to an image or convert it to monochrome - for example, putting all of it into shades of blue.

Helicon Print
Do you know of many reliable printing utilities that are simultaneously easy to use and functional? With Helicon Print, you can change printer settings, manipulate image size and positioning, and perform basic adjustments such as brightness, white balance, saturation and sharpening. What else do you need to print a photo?

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