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GSA Email Verifier

GSA Email Verifier verifies email addresses from mailing lists, Microsoft Outlook contacts, Windows address book and a lot of other formats to determine if they are still valid. The software allows you to clean up your contact and mailing lists by removing bad emails. Additionally you probably want to remove all administrative addresses such as support(at) or webmaster(at) to which you do not want to send emails. This can be done either by our included search tool or by predefined rules which set an email automatically to valid, invalid or remove them from the list. This email validator is a very powerful and reliable multithreaded program, capable of handling large volumes of email addresses providing high speed email verification (with over 100.000 email verifications per hour). Save time, verify email addresses and keep your mailing list free of inactive addresses. You can validate mailing lists with many thousand or more emails (unlimited number). Our email validator is a very easy to use and reliable tool for all who need to check email addresses and determine if the emails are valid or not. It can also verify and clean up mailing lists to avoiding bounce back or undelivered emails from your mail box. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove undeliverable and bounced addresses because a lot of mail servers block the senders IP address for repeated sending of email messages to mail addresses that don not exist. Use GSA Email Verifier to avoid sending messages to inactive addresses. Save time and money maintaining clean mailing lists and checking the validity of recipients email addresses. GSA Email Verifier is an essential tool for email marketing and to avoid ISPs mail servers blocking or banning your email domain because of you repeatedly sending emails to non existing account holders.

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