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Jun 28, 2022
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Geographic Calculator Description

Geographic Calculator features new functionality to display and support EPSG Area of Use Polygon data, improved Vertical Coordinate system handling, and a new Land Survey Summary job for generating printed layouts in Canadian survey systems. This latest version features new functionality to display and support EPSG Area of Use Polygon data. This includes integration into the transformation picker dialog to display these polygons while selecting transformations, support for loading EPSG polygons into viewers, and they can also be used to filter results for transformations. This allows for additional geographic reference information to be at the users fingertips when selecting coordinate systems and transformations. The Area of Use polygons allows the user to visually see on a map where a coordinate system or transformation is intended to be used and is another example of the Geographic Calculator's ability to streamline workflows. Additionally, this version features improved Vertical Coordinate system handling. This enhanced model now aligns with EPSG Vertical CRS definitions and includes the option to dynamically select vertical transformations. Thus providing the user with flexible transformation options when working with high accuracy elevation based data. The release also features the new Land Survey Summary job for generating printed layouts in Canadian survey systems. Users needing to work with surveying data within the borders of Alberta and Saskatchewan to plot points and lines directly from Dominion Land Survey coordinates, can now easily do so. For more details on new features visit our latest changes page.
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