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Jun 19, 2018
2.0.8 Beta
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Gecko Hamaker Description

Gecko Hamaker is a database application which runs with the help of MySQL, an open source database available for free download. Gecko Hamaker allows the user to load the optical/UV spectra of your materials into a MySQL database. Gecko Hamaker creates a London Dispersion spectra for the materials in the database. The user may then set up the layer configuration for the calculation by creating a project and assigning database materials to layers in the project. Gecko Hamaker then automatically calculates Hamaker coefficients for your project..

Hamaker constants represent the London Dispersion Force of the van der Waals attraction between two materials. London Dispersion Forces arise from the interaction between fluctuating dipoles whose frequencies lie in the optical and UV regions of the spectrum. Therefore, Hamaker constants may be calculated from the complex dielectric constants measured in the optical/UV portions of the spectrum. Gecko Hamaker program calculates a London Dispersion spectrum for each input material spectrum. Using the London Dispersion spectra, the program will calculate retarded Hamaker coefficients for layers of thin films. At present, the number of layers is limited to 99.

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