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Apr 23, 2014
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Windows 8,Windows 7,Vista,XP SP3

Razer Game Booster Description

The new Razer Game Booster is capable of delivering the best gaming experience to you even if you're on an old PC, with higher FPS and less lags. With a click of a button, Razer Game Booster automatically shuts down other programs, boosting your computer into peak performance.

Razer Game Booster helps you manage your computer's resources so you have more memory or processing power allocated to your game of choice. The program scans your computer automatically to find any games you play and then lets you adjust the settings of each, individually. It found several non-gaming programs when we tested it, but asking it to boost these seemed to confuse the program. It just kept looping its startup process instead of boosting them. The program had no problem boosting our games, though. In fact, it did a great job. In addition to handing out your computer's resources, Razer Game Booster adds a few fun features, like a screenshot hot key and a frame accelerator. It even lets you defragment the section of your hard drive that holds the game for boosted performance. The program makes you sign up for an account, but it lets you carry your settings with you once you do.

Razer Game Booster is able to keep only the gaming window on the desktop so that you will not be disturbed by other programs when playing your games.

Razer Game Booster gives you the ability to record real-time video and audio and capture screenshots. That means you can share favorite gaming moments with friends around the globe, offering your winning strategy, create tutorial or post an epic performance on YouTube.

With Razer Game Booster, you can diagnose your system to see what affect your gaming experience. Reports can be generated and submitted to our forums and one of our experts will provide you the best solutions for top gaming performance.

Razer Game Booster is able to detect the games on Steam. And you can simply right click the game icon to start it via Razer Game Booster.

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User reviews of Razer Game Booster

roniel07 on October 23,2013 Useful (7)      Useless (2)
I think that i'm in love *_*
matej.machacek.37 on September 06,2013 Useful (35)      Useless (27)
ussual back door shit apps not worth download Iobit Game Booster 3.4 do the same job and is clean and free
happy15935744 on August 15,2013 Useful (24)      Useless (86)
p p p p pp p p p p p p pp p p p p p p
dotagamer on August 04,2013 Useful (50)      Useless (15)
Really Great way to Improve your Gaming World,Also i Really.. Really recomended this app to many player who have High-End game but have below Average Compability Computer,so that you can atleast enjoy it with out major lag (it still lag but not really 5-30 FPS per second) also to all Emulator player,with the exception of VBA or older emulator i really would recomended this to you,this app is also good to stop all un-needed Processes and Services that you want.In a Nutshell i would say this will Improve your PC who have Limited Resource and it's really easy to use
williamllozier on July 16,2013 Useful (42)      Useless (47)
Allows you to stop many processes and services of your choice. On a PC with limited resources it will give you a marked improvement in speed and FPS. If you have a fast system with adequate RAM, there won't be much of a difference. It's basically iobit's Advanced SystemCare Booster in a single app. TuneUp Utilities also has a Booster that does the same thing, too. The main benefit on this program was that it was much smaller

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