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Oct 15, 2021
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Forum Dominator Description

When you find yourself reading and replying to interesting threads on message boards, you are talking directly with your potential customers. If you are surfing online forums for researching purposes, or if you are simply using the forums for internet marketing, you can create hundreds of sites that are linking to you, which will create one way links to your website. So if used in a smart, and clever way, Forum Dominator turns out to be excellent web marketing tool that can be used for seo strategy. This forum submitter can be used to spread the word about your product or website.

Now, time is money. And money is time. The hard part is trying to keep up with each response and reply to your threads. Especially, if you browse to many different forums. Forum Dominator makes the navigation to your threads and replies a BREEZE!

You will no longer have to waste time trying to keep up with all of your responses and replies on the different forums you visit. You will no longer have to check for email notifications, nor will you have to manually browse to each thread! With Forum Dominator, you simply have to click one button!

Well, if you hate having to deal with the various message formats, look no further, as Forum Dominator can automatically convert your message to the required message format that the online forum requires.

And also, if you have ever typed out a long post, or long thread, only to find out that your internet connection failed, or your browser session timed out, you'll wish you've had Forum Dominator. You no longer will have to worry about losing your thoughts or the book that you have just typed out, as you can type out your post within the built-in editor and simply insert it into the thread.

These features will literally save you minutes upon minutes every day!

Bookmark your posts and automatically check them for replies with one click!
Easily login to forums - You no longer need to remember usernames and passwords!
Create your own formatting templates for other message boards!
Save and load different messages! (What a time saver!)
Automatically insert your message into posting pages with one click!
Automatically format your message into Text, HTML, UBB Code, or EZCode!

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