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Focus Photoeditor

Focus Photoeditor has a full arsenal of tools for editing and correcting digital images, that will never leave you without options:

* Quick Fix Wizard
* Dynamic Exposure Correction
* Smart Flash-Reduce Highlights
* RGB curves
* and much more

When coming to automatic corrections our software is an excellent choice as well: try its Quick Fix, Auto Contrast, Auto Stretch, Auto Colors, Auto White Balance and many others.

Focus Photoeditor can read and correctly render pictures with Adobe RGB or any other embedded color profile. It also preserves Exif and IPTC information when saving to file.

A special attention and accurate tuning was put in every algorithm. With all its correction tools Focus Photoeditor will make your pictures look incredibly clean, sharp and perfectly balanced.

In Focus Photoeditor any editing tool can be used with color mode or with retouch mode. This gives you great flexibility in choosing the right tool for retouching different parts of a picture.

* Very effective iAnti-RedEye retouch tool. Get rid of this annoying problem very quickly: select the eye color and choose the most suitable tool (for example a round brush or an ellipse..).
* The Clone tool will let you remove unwanted details or duplicate existing ones.
* It is possible to lighten or darken details, improve sharpness, increase saturation using any of the editing tools provided.

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