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Dec 13, 2017
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Windows8,Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

FL Studio Description

FL Studio, formerly known as FruityLoops, is a fully featured, open-architecture music creation and production environment for PC. No extra software is required to produce any style of music, as the complete set of instrument and studio tools is included in the cost of the package. With the included plugins, sounds and tools the user can create complete songs, as well as backing tracks, loops and sizzling beats.


Key features:



· Internal 32 bit floating point mixing, up to 96kHz stereo.


· Supports DirectSound and ASIO enabled sound cards for audio output.


· Ability to function as a VSTi, DXi and a ReWire client.


· Ability to host ReWire clients itself.


· Realtime linear interpolation & sophisticated interpolation algorithms at rendering time.


· Open architecture allowing third-party instruments (enhanced proprietary FL instruments standard, VSTi and DXi2) and effects (enhanced proprietary FL effects standard, VST, VST2 and DirectX).


· A full set of high-precision mastering and special effects filters: reverb, compressor, procedural equalizer, distortion, phaser, flanger, bass boost, delay line and other.


· Advanced sequencing methods allowing quick entering of realistic drum loops (step sequencing grid) and composing complex instrumentals (advanced piano roll, arpeggiator, keyboard tracking, real-time gate).


· Unique note properties morphing ability (pitch, cutoff, resonance, panning).


· Advanced mixer: 68 mixer tracks (64 insert and 4 send tracks) supporting up to 8 filters each; mixer tracks rerouting for creating of complex mixer chains; track recording with ASIO input support (for recording MIDI, vocals etc.); integrated procedural equalizer, volume and panning for each mixer track.


· Integrated instruments: Sampler, TS404 (the popular bassline engine), 3xOSC (subsynth), Plucked! (plucked strings), MIDI Out, DX10 (FM synth), Scratcher (turntable emulator), WaveTraveller (wave bend synth), Wasp (demo), SimSynth Live (demo), and more.


· Advanced playlist & full-featured audio tracks.


· Live recording of control movements & integrated automation events editor.


· Easy MIDI remote controlling of most parameters (VST plugins supported as well).


· Procedural control over parameters by using special controller plugins.


· Click removal & volume ramping to avoid pops.


· Imports *.WAV, *.SYN (SimSynth 1 & 2), *.DS (DrumSynth) files, with effects applied.


· Imports MIDI sequences and controller events.


· Exports audio to 16Bit or 32Bit *.WAV file, *.MP3.


· Can export MIDI notes & controller events to a standard MIDI file.

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User reviews of FL Studio

echoo on July 01,2013 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
FL Studio producers can arrange, rearrange, edit, shift pitch and adjust tempo on an unlimited number of audio files and sequences, within the intuitive, comprehensible, largely free-form Playlist canvas. You trigger playlist clips live in FL Studio with a mouse, touch screen, typing on a keyboard or with a MIDI controller.
flstuido on June 28,2013 Useful (2)      Useless (0)
FL Studio offers a tremendous value for what you get. The photo-realistic mixing-board interface, littered with small, unlabeled icons and burdened with a confusing file browser, makes the learning curve steeper than it should be. Once you clear that hurdle, though, this enjoyable product will have you making music in no time.Once you buy it, you get free updates for life so every time a new version comes out, you can upgrade for free.
jamessimith on June 21,2013 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
FL Studio great. Once you buy it, you get free updates for life so every time a new version comes out, you can upgrade for free. FL 11 has brand new features and plugins.
yicheng on June 13,2013 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
FL Studio, the photo-realistic mixing-board interface, littered with small, unlabeled icons and burdened with a confusing file browser, makes the learning curve steeper than it should be. The Fruityslicer in FL Studio makes short work of chopping up breaks, and the simple step-based drum machine lets you create your own. You can bind FL Studio to other programs via VSTi and DXi plug-ins. A full selection of software instruments is included so you can start playing immediately. All the usual suspects are there, from vintage, buzzy, analog imitators to wacky sound effects and generic voice samples. FL Studio is so fantastic.
jamespewing on June 03,2013 Useful (1)      Useless (0)
-very stable
-well priced, different editions available
-intuitive interface - easy to learn
-can compose music of all generas
-unlimited free updates to all future versions.
-excellent user Forums with help and direct contact with the developers and programmers

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