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Feb 26, 2021
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Fashion Stock Inventory Description

We launched Fashione SI several years ago to help start-up companies keep an eye on stock and produce inventory reports - a totally free to use fashion matrix Stock Inventory package.

Fashione SI is a great starting point for stock analysis within your business developed with an easy-to-use interface to replace 'home made' databases and hours of paper trails.

So, if your shop is small and the number of sales per day are not of an high volume, but you still need to keep track of stock levels using the Style x Colour x Size Matrix, then this package will help you.

The Stock Inventory Package is the starting point for building a Stock Management database. Designed to supersede 'spread sheet' and 'pen & paper' methods of keeping a track of stock. This download includes inventory by style x colour x size in the 'fashion matrix', reporting by supplier, by season, by category, by department, by sub-department, by colour, by brand label, by sizes scale can easily be achieved.

Please note: Fashione Stock Inventory does not include Sales Control features but it can be upgraded to at any time to provide you with extra functionality step by step without loosing any of your existing stock data.

Fashion Stock Inventory main features:

* Secure SQL Database - makes sure your data is secure.
* Multiple price levels - you can have retail and cost prices at size level.
* Min/Max Stock levels - allocate min and max stock levels for each style x colour x size. This is used for re-ordering purposes.
* User defined inventory field sizes - Create as many sizes scales as your business may require.
* Price/quantity verification - Easily search for products to check their prices and stock levels.
* SKU Number Tracking - You can link products using Fashione's PLU numbers or even use your suppliers barcodes.
* Stock reports - You can run industry standard reports such as stock evaluation by season, department, brand / Supplier etc.
* Supplier tracking - You can create a database of supplier contact names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites and terms and conditions.
* Vendor or Supplier inventory - You can easily analyze your suppliers stock inventory on screen or on reports.
* Categories, Departments and Sub-Departments inventory - Analyze stock levels by category, department and sub-department.
* Styles x Colours inventory - Use the style x colour x size fashion matrix to monitor your stock levels.
* Brand Labels inventory - Check out which brands have more stock or which need to be replenished.
* Sizes Scales inventory - Analyze stock levels at sizes level.
* Setup your Company Details - Manage your own company logo, address details, telephone and more.
* Product Images - You can add product images to each style and colour. This is very useful if you have a E-Commerce website.
* Tag External Barcodes - Use Supplier barcodes together with Fashione barcodes on your products.

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