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Aug 17, 2017
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Win 7/8/Vista/XP

Emu Loader Description

Emu Loader is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the following arcade emulators:
MAME, Supermodel - Sega Model 3, Daphne, Demul, HBMAME, DICE, Sega Model 2, ZiNc

- Support MAMu_ icons. Awesome custom game icons made my MAMu_ (unzipped or zipped)
- Support MAME Plus!, UME, WolfMAME and HqMAME emulators with proper title detection (based on emulator filename)
- View game preview images: title snapshot, game snapshot, marquee, flyer, cabinet, control panel, control panel layout, PCB, in-game artwork
- Up to 10 images per category
- Unzipped and zipped images support (.png and .jpg formats)
- Image preview layout mode. View up to three images at the same time. Layouts can be customized
- Different games list view modes
- Sort games by 2 columns in standard view mode (hold "Ctrl" key and click on the second column)
- Support for catver.ini, nplayers.ini, languages.ini
- Advanced games filters, including a text filter bar for quick seaches
- Support several .dat files for MAME: Mameinfo, Arcade History, MAME Score, MAME Action Replay
- Browse games list with arcade controllers: X-Arcade, HotRod SE, SlikStik, Detonator II
- Favorites list. Create a list of your favorite games. You can also create as many favorites profiles as you wish
- Delete/copy/move your game files directly within the frontend (includes a fancy progress dialog)
- Partial support for older MAME builds. Mininum version is MAME 0.84
- Create custom game settings
- Frontend settings are stored in .ini files. Windows registry is never used
- View game info from the internet using ProgettoEMMA website, directly in the images panel (MAME only)
- Partial support for MAME / HBMAME merged sets
- Basic detection of bad .zip files (using ZipForge library)
- Support ROMs in 7-Zip format (.7z). MAME, HBMAME and Demul emulators only. File 7z.dll required

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