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Apr 23, 2014
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Windows 7, XP, and Vista

DJ Music Mixer Description

Everyone loves good DJ, our DJ Music Mixer can help you here. It is a full-featured DJ and beat-mixing system which lets you groove to your own style of DJ music.

One feature which sets this mixer apart from all its rivals is that it includes an Audio and Video player with two independent decks and is equipped with no less than professional sound quality. This means that you will have a beat-sync display, pitch controls, and fast-seek modes. The cross fader for manual mixing and an auto fade adds that little touch of style and functionality which so many other mixers lack.

The DJ Music Mixer also allows you to play multiple files with configurable number of 'sampler', each of which has its own player and volume control which means you can almost create your own fusion music. The 10-band Equalizer and 12 presets not only make your work easier and faster but also enhances your music experience greatly.

But it doesn’t stop there, DJ Music Mixer also supports video files such as DivX, MPEG, etc. These files can be mixed and mashed in the same way as audio files. One of the most prominent features of DJ Music Mixer is that you can save the files you create in any format you want, be it WAV or MP3!

Here’s an overview of all the features which make the DJ Music Mixer what it is: It has two independent decks to work on.

Effects such as Chorus, Flanger, Gargle, Echo and Distortion work wonders for any party. No DJ mixer can do without these features and our mixer brings in a truly professional feel.

Most DJ mixers which have a 'sampler' do not have volume control. Not only does our mixer have volume control but it also has its own player and volume control.

Most media players can rip music from CDs, but they can only save it in the format which they themselves play, the DJ Music Mixer supports all major audio formats like WAV and MP3.

The audio of videos can also be extracted and saved in almost any format.

The auto cross fader certainly makes life easier, but if you are a more hands on person you can switch to the manual mode for the cross fader.

There are a lot of people out there who love sing along, but can’t do it because the pitch isn’t right for them, but the DJ Music Mixer can change pitch with the pitch controls and lets you sing to your hearts content.

In addition to all this, you can save play lists into m3u and pl formats for use anywhere and at any time.

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