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May 21, 2018
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Desktop Video Recorder Description


What is it for ?

* Record your screen activity to a video file that can be viewed and shared instantly but also imported in other applications for re-editing
* Create demonstrations of software and websites to help your users/customers
* Record online videos that can not be downloaded to be able to watch them later, even when you are not connected to the Internet

What is it not for ?

* Record videos from hardware devices such as a camera
* Edit or modify videos

In what file type and format does it record video ?

* Video is recorded into a standard AVI file that can easily be watched or re-edited it in any video editing software
* You can choose to compress video with any compressor installed on your computer
For example: MPEG-4 (DivX, XVid, ...), Cinepak, ...
* Audio is recorded using MP3 (standard high quality compression), or PCM (uncompressed) format

How to select the recording area ?
Area selection is made with the mouse:

* Region selection (click one corner of the region and drag the mouse pointer to the opposite corner)
* Automatic window selection (point your mouse at the window you want to record and click to validate)
* Automatic control selection (point your mouse at the button, menu, tree or any other control you want to record and click to validate)
* Full screen (if you have more than one monitor you can select which monitor you want to record)

What are the recording parameters ?

* Video:
o Third party codec compression (parameters depends on the codec).
o Target framerate
o For more advanced settings, check the the screenshots or download the demo version to try
* Audio:
o Audio device (for example you can choose to record audio from your sound card or another device such as a USB camera)
o Compression format (MP3 or PCM)
o Sampling rate
o Mono/Stereo
o For more advanced settings, check the the screenshots or download the demo version to try

What are the software/hardware requirements ?

* No hardware requirements, however, we recommend a CPU of 1GHz or more, with at least 128MB of memory. Download the demo version to test how fast it will be on your computer
* Windows 2000, XP or Vista

Ideal for demonstrations
If you need to explain how to use a software, fill a shopping cart, or build a complex learning or support website, Desktop Video Recorder will make it easy for you to create realistic and understandable demonstrations. Viewers can be guided step by step using the videos you recorded.
Using our other product, Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder, you can make your recorded videos available online to be able to reach anyone at anytime.
Fast and reliable

Desktop Video Recorder records higher quality (more smooth) videos than most of other desktop recording software. Even the few that can compete often use so much resources that your computer becomes very slow during recording, making the recorded contents look bad (menus open very slowly, progress bars are not updated, ...).
Desktop Video Recorder is also highly reliable: you can record videos during several hours, and it can handle very large files (even hundreds of gigabytes).
Record audio simultaneously
Record audio simultaneously and compress it in real time
Desktop Video Recorder will record audio alongside the video from your screen using any audio device. The audio is inserted into the video in real time, and you can even choose to compress it.
No other screen recording software offers real time audio compression (very useful to save disk space while keeping the quality high), and some of them even mix audio and video after the end of the recording (which can take few minutes).
Exhaustive statistics

Desktop Video Recorder provides a lot of statistics to help you find and solve problems, and improve the general quality of your recordings. All these statistics are updated in realtime.
Simple and powerful recording area selection tool
Simple and powerful recording area selection tool
The window or control (part of a window) you want to record can be easily selected and Desktop Video Recorder can prevent other windows to be displayed in front of the window you are recording. You can even move the recorded window during recording, allowing you to use your computer as you would do normally.
Of course, you can also define the area to record manually or record the full screen (multi-monitor computers are supported).

We really want our customers to choose our software with full tranquility, so we provide a fully functionnal demo version. This demo version will insert a message in the recorded video (because it inserts this message, the recording process will be slightly slower). There is no other limitation in the demo (no time-limit), so you can perform tests easily.
You can download the demo version here.

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