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Jan 21, 2021
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Desktop Assistant Description

General features: 1. Quick search of programs and documents by part of their names. At that you can put a few parts of program name separated by spaces. The program "Desktop Assistant" will show you set of corresponding elements what is very handy. 2. Start of program with the rights of Administrator. You can work with the rights of safe user with limited rights. In the case of necessity to execute the program with administrative rights, you can select corresponding item in the context menu. You can permit the program "Desktop Assistant" to remember the Administrator's password in the protected storage of the Windows. After that you will no need to enter the password under every program run with administrative rights. 3. Support of the "hot keys". It helps to open required page (documents, program in the Start menu, running processes, etc.) from any program. 4. Search of running processes in the RAM. It allows to hide visible window or to take away a program from the RAM without calling to the task manager. 5. Support of functions of quick safe shuting down and rebooting of a computer. If your computer is under high load and it needs urgent reload, then a fast reboot mode without the data saving in running programs is safer in comparison with pressing "Reset" button on the system block of the computer. 6. Compatibility with other programs of quick access to Start menu elements. The program does not change or transpose elements in the Start menu. You can group them by yourself or with the aid of the special program as you like. This will not reflect to programs' visibility in the utility. When you set or remove your programs or transfer elements between Start menu branches, then the utility renews its list of programs and documents automatically. Latest functionality: ability to prevent computer from sleep by user wish.
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