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May 25, 2022
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DC SEVEN Audio Workstation Description

DC SEVEN is simply the world's best audio restoraton and enhancement software. This sleek new version of our tried and true noise removal and audio improvement software gives you the best chance on the planet to return your treasured vinyl and tape recordings to their pristine roots. You have a full arsenal of professional restoration and enhancement tools to remove clicks, pops, hiss, surface noise, hum, buzz...you name it! If you have a collection of treasured vinyl and tape recordings and are anxious to archive and preserve them to CD, this is your answer. Now in its 12th year, you'll be amazed at how you can take dull sounding tapes or noisey records and make them sound like the first time you heard them. DC SEVEN's new Tune Library database also allows you to track every single audio file on your hard disk, categorize, edit, and even burn CDs without every leaving the program. Our new Anti-Artificating mode allows you to push your filters harder, achieve more noise reduction, without damaging your good audio. No other restoration product on the planet offers this level of support. The new Virtual Phono Preamp works with any type of preamp and applies the correct RIAA eq curve to whatever vinyl you might provide it. Most products can remove obvious clicks and pops from vinyl recordings, but only DC SEVEN tackles that annoying crackle that lives close to your good audio. You'll be amazed at the before and after files you create. Now you can breathe new life into your favorite old recordings and preserve the audio memories of your past. With DC SEVEN, you let your ears be the judge...adjust the filters while you listen, so you don't spend any time processing until the file is perfect. Each filter offers a wide range so you can make fine adjustments. This is a professional product and not a toy. If you're serious about your classic audio recordings and want to archive them while you still can listen to them, choose DC SEVEN.
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