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Jan 27, 2022
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Data Lizard Description

Are your prices too high to be sold, or too low to get enough profits? Whether your competitors had already changed their prices? Whether your competitors offer products which are more attractive than yours? The Data Lizard can bring you out of the dark: Monitor your competitors’ business information in real time and strengthen your core competence by enabling you to response competitors’ changes immediately. Neither underpriced nor overpriced, optimize your prices and improve the converting rates. No matter how many products you have, no matter which currency you use, we offer the most advanced, economical and intelligent solutions for you in a safety manner.


Provide a simple and easy way to batch import massive data (product) feed items in a data (product) feed file into the Data Lizard and quite fast to start your competitive information monitoring:

Data Lizard supports to batch import hundreds of thousands data (product) feed items in your data (product) feed files conforming to Google products feed specification within a few seconds (if your data feeds do not conform to the Google products feed specification, the Data Converter can easily convert them for you).
Data Lizard can use data (product) feed files in types of both XML and Excel.
Data Lizard provides rapid large data feed conversion service by using our Data Feed Converter.

Support real-time competitive price monitoring:

Data Lizard supports multi-windows monitoring, each window can monitor a product category, and with one simple glance, you will know the lowest price clearly without any calculation.
Data Lizard provides our customers with automated competitive information monitoring service (e.g. Data Lizard can find out the lowest product price automatically) by setting up the time interval for automatically triggering a data extraction task (e.g. the shortest interval is one day, and Data Lizard will alert immediately if the prices of products have been changed.). A data extraction task is used to update the monitoring data for a new competitive information monitoring work.
Data Lizard can dynamically synchronize the product information (e.g. images, comments and quantities of products) from the target monitoring websites through providing the product list pages, product detail pages and product review pages for users.

Intelligently extract and manage commercial data from various web-based data sources and commercial websites:

Data Lizard provides a functional module for users to intelligently extract and monitor competitive information (e.g. brands, quantities, prices of products, product categories and in stock/out-of-stock, etc.) from any concerned website through creating a website monitoring manager for each website in a simple point-and-click manner. These website monitoring managers can help users to automated batch extract and monitor competitors' product information from all publicly available websites with very accurate matches.
Besides the user-defined monitoring configurations, Data Lizard also provides another customized monitoring service – website monitoring plugins for your advanced monitoring requirements. With these plugins, our customers can get advanced real-time data extraction and monitoring services with high accuracy. So if you feel troublesome to create a website monitoring manager by yourself or you are unsatisfied with the match accuracy of this configuration machine, you can ask us to develop a monitoring plugin for you by sending us an email with the monitoring webpage URLs and what data you want to extract and monitor.
Data Lizard support product category management to manage the large commercial data for different products.

Generate various diagrammatic reports and tables:

Data Lizard can generate diagrammatic reports and tables to support various business statistics for users. These reports and tables can help users to record and track core business information of competitors, including the price trends (dates, frequencies and values of the price changes by competitors), new product updates and old products removed from shelves, etc.
Data Lizard can export statistic data from the generated reports and tables for users to do further commercial analyses and judgments.

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