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Mar 01, 2021
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Win 7/Vista/2000/XP

CRT Screensaver Description

Select CRT_Screensaver as your system screensaver, that you can see some changes of desktop windows when screensaver is running. Such as: foreground windows, task button, Notification area.

Maybe you have disabled the screensaver, Because you don't want to miss some important message on the screen. Now you can try this screensaver, You can see desktop windows when screensaver is running by settings, neglect neither screensaver energy saving nor work.

Key Features:

* Visible area of desktop:

1. None (All regions are set to black).
2. Only foreground windows.
3. All desktop windows .
4. Use PNG picture define transparency area .

* Visible area of taskbar :

1. Special Areas include: Selected special areas visiable, other area set black.
2. Selected special areas set black, other area visible.

* Intermittent set All regions to black (include taskbar).
* Popup notification message is can visible:
* Energy-saving design.
* Only uses little system resources. (Memory:1~2M. CPU:0%~1%)
* Support multi-displays.
* supports online updates.


1. Energy-saving is only effective for CRT monitors.
2. For LCD computer monitors, Most screensavers can't energy savings for you (read more). But if your PC is notebook, and OS is XP(SP1)/VISTA/WIN7, you can try our other product: "LCD screeensaver". It is designed for LCD energy savings Screensaver.

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