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Jun 04, 2023
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Crossword Maker Description

Make your own crosswords with my crossword maker software. Print them out or try within the program. Crosswords can be saved to finish or edit at another time. Includes an uninstall facility. Compressed file size - 995 KB.

A number of crosswords are contained with the install program.

Crossword puzzles date back to around 1913. It's widely believed a Liverpool journalist, Arthur Wynne made the first crossword games puzzles. These were published in the New York World and became a regular weekly feature apparently. They can range from the very simple to the very cryptic and so can be suitable for all ages. Using clues to give an idea of the word or phrase to fill in the blank squares in the grid and as the answers cross each other, hence crossword puzzle, each answer you get right, gives more clues to another answer. There are many varieties of word games puzzles and quizzes but the crossword remains a firm favourite around the world.

With the ability to exercise the mind of both young and old, the crossword puzzle is a great learning tool. With my crossword maker above, you can easily create games puzzles for students, family members from children to adults. It all depends on the level of difficulty you want to add and how cryptic you can be. Many schools and homes around the world use my crossword maker as educational software and with the ability to save them you can always return to one later without the need for trying to find the book or paper that they were in.

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