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CraigsList Reader Pro

CraigsPal is an automated Craigslist Search Tool. It provides both a search screen, and an automated reader (portable) screen. The program automatically backs up all user searches, and is accessible on any Windows/Parallel computer - once logged in, all your information and results will be pulled up and downloaded quickly and efficiently. Every search you do in the search screen is saved under your member account for future use. CraigsPal also gives you the option to receive instantaneous SMS and email notifications, keeping you up to date on all the latest results or, using the Digest notification option, you can receive a daily email containing all the links with new search results. All your new results will automatically be highlighted yellow for additional ease and convenience, while also keeping track of your previous hits. You don't have to type a thing, simply click on a saved search and enjoy the ride! CraigsPal is specifically made to save you valuable time searching, reading, and browsing Craigslist.

CraigsPal also has many advanced search features, utilizing boolean search parameters, which allow you to easily and efficiently find exactly what you're looking for. Using both positive and negative keyword fields, you can drastically limit the amount of "false positive" hits from Craigslist, meaning that you'll spend less time searching superfluous postings, and more time actually getting what you need. It is easy enough to be used by a novice, yet complex and precise enough to satisfy the most ardent of internet search junkies! The things you want or need are just a few keystrokes away...

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