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Cerber Antivirus

Protect Yourself From Cyber Criminals and Threats.

Total protection
Get protected against malicious software, online threats and theft of private data with Complete antivirus protection including firewall, antispyware.

Kill screen lockers
Automatically halt any dangerous processes and Launch the relevant virus treatment procedures

Cloud real-time
Cloud-assisted technologies protect your PC's during the period before a new malware signature has been produced.

System Monitoring
Detects dangerous behavior on your computer and enables you to roll back or undo most types of malicious action

Automatic updates
The signature frequently updates automatically with minimal impact on performance

Antivirus protection
Cerber antivirus software detect and destroy all types of malware, including: Computer viruses, Trojan viruses, Worms, Rootkits, Spyware Bots… and more

Cerber vs. the competition
When it comes to detecting viruses and malware threats, Cerber reigns supreme. See Cerber detection rates compared to Microsoft, Norton and McAfee and other security products.

High-performance antivirus engine
Combines advanced antivirus and anti-spyware technologies to provide complete security that doesn't slow down your PC.

Advanced anti-rootkit technology
Finds and disables hard-to-remove malware that gains unauthorized access to and hides deep within your PC.

Removable device scanning
Scans USB flash drives and other removable drives and files for threats automatically when plugged or inserted into your PC.

Improved user interface
Capitalizing on the very latest thinking on efficient user interfaces, we’ve updated the main display window for Cerber Anti-Virus.

Safe Application
Improves performance by identifying safe files and only scanning unknown files.

Scheduled Scans
Cerber Antivirus features a highly customizable scheduler that lets you timetable scans according to your preferences.

Improved virus scan features
The redesigned Task Manager makes it easier to view the status of scanning processes – and see how Cerber Antivirus processes are making use of your PC’s resources.

Automatic Signature Updates
Updates your protection every 15 to 30 minutes, without disrupting you.

Automatic Product Update
Always up-to-date Product Version, Cerber Antivirus automatically sends you important product and feature updates throughout the year.

Download Protection
Protects you from dangerous applications before you install them by telling you if they are harmful or unstable.

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