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altawjones on June 03,2013Useful (7 )    Useless (0)
An anti-virus company is held to a higher standard. You simply cannot use opt-out defaults and pre-programmed browser changes to protect users. You have to leave the user absolutely in control. Interfering with the browser turns you into something of the threat we're using your product to insulate ourselves from - no matter how well intentioned the action might be. And if this is what you have to do to make money, well...find a new business model.
gredus on January 22,2012Useful (29 )    Useless (13)
extremely hard to uninstall. better stuff out there for free. I had to download a program to remove it, that's crazy! Though I didn't get any viruses with avg , I wouldn't recommend it because of the uninstall problem.
aluxray09 on January 14,2012Useful (8 )    Useless (6)
it is a very good antivirus it can scan through rar archives so it was great for me however it does have a major flaw within the program after a few months the programs components just disaperred probally corupt so that is why i rate it 6/10 its auto apdate is good though so in don't have to do it manually.
jamesnb963 on December 27,2011Useful (8 )    Useless (6)
I started to use AVG spyware a number of years back. I liked it. Then I got one upgrade that turned it into a beast and it just started eating up my CPU. When I started to reomve it from from my computer the first few time. my computer would crash. Eventually I had to pay someone to help sort out the problem. It had left a drive that would periodlly crash. This is a mean program that should be avoided.
uewd on December 23,2011Useful (5 )    Useless (3)
A great antivirus overall. It's Identify Protection is a behavioral blocker that does great!

Any good antivirus + common sense = Maximum protection (having a good antivirus doesn't mean you can browse anything on the internet freely).
philtar on October 10,2011Useful (6 )    Useless (1)
This programm has been around long enough to know all the tricks in the book.For a free security program there is not much to complain about,as even if you pay for your security,there is the usual clause of "No security program can give compleate protection "
jarrah on September 05,2011Useful (3 )    Useless (3)
A useful application to find and remove malware and spyware.

Microsoft Security Essentials

High-quality protection against any threat.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition

Panda traded on its reputation as a solid security suite vendor making its first foray into the realm of freeware, and the program attained its goal of freeing up system resources by putting much of the program's heavy lifting in the cloud.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is the free, multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

Kaspersky Internet Security 1.2

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010
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jarrah on September 05,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
its the most program that i trust do not thank your friends whin downloading avg thank avg (lol) my lap is nice :0

I cool down from my toy throwing out of the cot mood. I will get it again. AVG rules
hengxian on August 11,2011Useful (3 )    Useless (1)
I find it doing most of the needs but not completely to the full requirements of the net user.It is fine in the sense free download ! It detects almost 85% of the threats.
mostmost on August 11,2011Useful (1 )    Useless (1)
I have used Avira Antivir for 3 years now and it is by far the best Antivirus you can ever come across. Recently I bought a new Computer, and added AVG antivirus to it as it came free with the bundle. This Antivirus is not bad at all, but some of the functions and the Registration options simply makes life harder...
feixin on August 10,2011Useful (1 )    Useless (1)
AVG has been always keeping my computer in health status! The powerful virus removing function is better than many other antivirus software. While I find it will slow my PC a little down! Hope it will be improved !
sbeip on July 28,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
If you don't mind being choiceless on the tool bar...get the program. I've used it since it first came out. Am currently looking for alternatives now. I contacted the staff requesting info on tool bar removal, got nothing in response. I'll use crap like Norton anymore first.
goodnight on July 27,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
Great as long as you do what it says on the box. Not for the curious or downright stupid. "me". Keep up the good work. When I cool down from my toy throwing out of the cot mood. I will get it again. AVG rules
stupid on July 26,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
I love this product because it is efficient, easy to use and doesn't bog down my system like Norton used to! It may not be as well know as some of the others but I will not use anything else now, even at work!!!
patric13432 on July 25,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
It runs great and I've never had a problem. If you don't have a mulit-core possessor it will slow you down a bit. But that's normal. Plus it does check the USB drives when you plug them in now. That's a big thing.
tonyy on July 10,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)

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