Auto backup 4.0

Auto backup 4.0


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Sep 20, 2020
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Auto backup 4.0 Description

This small low CPU usage program will automatically backup your USB flash drives when they are plugged into your computer or laptop. The program starts up with your computer and monitors which USB devices are plugged in. The program keeps an individual backup for each USB device, and can be configured to keep more than one backup of a device so that you can return to a previous file stage should the original become corrupt.

The default backup location is C:Backup however you can easily change this from the icon in the system tray. There is also the facility to open the backup directory so that you can navigate to your backups quickly.

You are able to stop and restart backups quickly with the system tray icon, allowing you to prevent backing up of a device if it is a friends or you dont require a backup. The icon in the system tray changes depending on the state of the program, this makes it easy to identify whether a backup is taking place.

The program keeps backups in five day periods, you can select how many of these backup copies you wish to keep on your computer, the program will automatically remove the oldest of the backups if you have more copies than you have specified. The more copies you specify to keep the more hard drive space is required but it is easier to return to a valid file if your original is corrupted or deleted.

Version 3 adds some new features. Firstly you are able to select USB devices that you never want to ever backup, for example your Ipod or MP3 Player. You simply use the new interface to type the devices name that you dont want to backup.

Secondly there is a backup feature that allows you to right click on any file or folder and select Send To, Backup. This will make a backup of the selected items in your backup directory.

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