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Sep 28, 2022
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acereader pro deluxe plus 8.0.7 Description

Speed Reading, Reading Fluency, Vision Training, Reading Assessment and Online Reader Software for all ages. AceReader Pro provides you with three tools in one:

(1) A training tool that will help you become a more proficient reader both online and offline.

(2) An assessment tool to assess and track your reading level.

(3) An online reading tool to help you read more efficiently while online.

There are three ways to use the program:

(1) Course Mode

(2) Menu Mode

(3) Expert Mode.

The Course Mode walks you through a self-adjusting automated course. The Menu Mode gives you more control by allowing you to pick and choose from a menu of training activities. The Expert Mode gives you full control by allowing you to load your own content (i.e. documents, Web pages ...) and letting you set the display mode and speed. The Expert Mode can be used for training purposes and/or as an Online Reader to help you read more efficiently while you are on your computer.

The program uses Tachistoscope technology to pace eye movement, which can help you break bad reading habits such as sub-vocalization and regression. Training activities include: Timed Reading Comprehension Tests, Eye Pacing Drills and fun Eye Exercise Games. Includes 13 levels of reading material (grades 1-12 plus adult-level). Drills automatically adjust training speed relative to your personal reading ability. The program logs and graphs results for accountability.

The software includes extensive administration and customization options. You can set font, colors, display modes, speeds, delays, bookmarks, column width, hotkeys... Deluxe versions allow you to customize the Tests, Drills and Games.

VERSION INFORMATION - Four versions of this product are available:

(1) AceReader Pro (single user home edition)

(2) AceReader Pro Deluxe (multi-user/family edition)

(3) AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus (single station school edition)

(4) AceReader Pro Deluxe Network (network school edition).

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