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May 23, 2018
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Win 7/Vista/2000/NT 4.x/XP

Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus Description

The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus is a powerful and versatile multitrack recorder, editor, sequencer and mixer allowing users to create professional quality audio productions. Audio loop creation, sequencing and mixing are also fully supported. The multitrack recording capabilities are perfect for producing music and a variety of other audio production needs. In addition to full support of audio loops the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus also includes realtime effects, highly precise editing capabilities, drag and drop technology for sequencing audio snippets, and many other great features. Click the above "download free demo" link to download a free demo version of the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus. Also, please feel free to click on the images below for full sized views of this product or see the "key links" section below for other useful links.


- Record new tracks while existing tracks playback synced up in realtime
- Up to 24 stereo tracks available, record up to 4 tracks simutaneously
- View up to 8 tracks at once and drag-and-drop audio snippets
- Fully supports loops and adjusting different tempos to mix loops seamlessly
- Various realtime effects (echo, reverb, tempo shift, chorus, flange, EQ, etc)
- Apply various editing features (cut, copy, paste, amplify, reverse, stretch, compress, etc)
- Razor sharp editing: Zoom in and edit at the sample level (less than a fraction of a millisecond)
- Import audio files and mixdown projects to wave (WAV) or MP3 audio file format
- Built in metronome with different drum beat tempos
- Multiple input/output audio device support

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