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Oct 23, 2020
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Win 7/8/Vista/2000/XP

AVG AntiVirus Free Description


- Detects and stops viruses, threats and malware.
- Great, easy-to-use protection everyone needs
- Keeps your PC running more smoothly
- A quick performance boost for your PC

The key to AVG’s efficiency in detecting infected files and exploits is the technology’s multiple layers of protection. Files are pre-processed and those deemed unnecessary for virus analysis are excluded to enable faster scanning.

Signature-based detection

This attempts to match files to known virus signatures, a sequence of bytes known to be characteristic of a specific virus. Detailed analysis is then performed to identify the exact infection.

Polymorphic-based detection

A common method for detecting known viruses, this is used to determine new variants of recognized viruses, even if the new variant behaves differently. This method is particularly effective in the detection of macro viruses and script viruses.

Heuristic-based analysis

The third layer for detecting viruses is heuristic analysis, which looks at the way software behaves in order to identify whether or not it is malicious. This allows it to detect a virus, which is not included in the internal virus database.

Behavior-based analysis

This is the fourth layer for detecting viruses. This patent-pending technology looks at how software behaves to determine hostile file behavior and preventing their execution.

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