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Oct 24, 2021
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3D Video Converter Description

With 3D Video Converter you can convert all your regular 2D videos to HQ 3D for further playback in any multimedia player/hardware device. Free accompanying 3D Video Player goes together with 3D Video Converter for you to be able to adjust the desired levels of 3D Shift & 3D Depth in your future converted video. These manually adjusted settings will be saved in 3D Video Player for your future video, which will be converted in 3D Video Converter

How to convert your regular 2D video to red cyan 3D using 3D Video Converter:

1. Please download and install your 3D Video Converter. Free accompanying 3D Video Player will be downloaded as well, because it goes together with your 3D Video Converter for manual adjustment of 3D Shift & 3D Depth levels. So if you wish to adjust these 3D settings please install 3D Video Player as well.

2. Open your free 3D Video Player and choose the video you'd like to adjust 3D settings for. When chosen your video starts to play back in regular 2D mode, so click on "3D" button to activate red cyan 3D mode. You'll see the levels of 3D Shift and 3D Depth appeared. Please put on your red cyan 3D glasses and adjust these levels as you desire.

3. When you have achieved maximum 3D effect in your video by manually adjusting 3D Shift & 3D Depth levels please close 3D Video Player and open 3D Video Converter

4. Drag and drop the video file you've just adjusted 3D settings for onto the interface of 3D Video Converter. The conversion to red cyan 3D format will start automatically, with the exact levels of 3D Shift and 3D Depth you've set for this video in 3D Video Player before.

5. When the converting is finished you'll be notified by corresponding pop-up notification message. Click "OK" to confirm and you'll be then locate to "3D Video Converter Output" folder, where your converted 3D file is situated. Now you can open this converted 3D file in any multimedia player and enjoy it with your anaglyph red cyan 3D glasses on!

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