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Battle Knights
Windows 8

Battle Knights is a sword fighting battle game where you are Vash, a young girl, trying to avenge her family, but the Battle Knights are standing in her way

The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights
Windows 8

King Vortigern the usurper sat upon his throne in London, when, suddenly, upon a certain day, ran in a breathless messenger, and cried aloud—“Arise, Lord King, for the enemy is come; even Ambrosius and Uther, upon whose throne thou sittest—and full twenty

Knights vs. Werewolves
Windows 8

Welcome at Knights and Werewolves!In this two-player tactical game you need to use your best strategy, because your opponent will try to defeat you

Knights Tour
Windows 8

The aim of Knight's tour is to cover as much ground on the board as possible landing in each house only once