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Gaming Rig Of The Month
Windows 8 publishes monthly a set of components that makes up the best gaming rig for a low price

Na`Vi Gaming
Windows 8

Want to know about Na`Vi here they are all players with there configuration and rest stuff

gaming pro
Windows 8

“Gaming Pro” helps the users to keep their self’s up to date with the gaming industry updates

Gaming Pics
Windows 8

Are you a gamer? If you are then, you'll love Gaming Pics

Gaming News
Windows 8

Browse up-to-date news about all things gaming - new releases, sales, gaming company info, and more!

Get Rich or Die Gaming
Windows 8

A young man, Wilson Cooper, is playing video games at home, something his Dad forbids him to do

Gaming News!
Windows 8

This app allows you to keep up to date with the latest gaming news and reviews, and not to mention lots more! With Kotaku, GameSpot and CVG news being delivered right to you, you'll never be behind the times!

Gaming News Express
Windows 8

With this application you can simply get the latest news about Games

Gaming News on Windows 8
Windows 8

Information and News about Videogames.