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.NET Business Application Framework

The SysFalcon Business Application Framework (SysFalcon

.NET Micro Framework SDK

We have added additional features such as Multi-touch, large displays, and more power management

Manco.Chart for Compact Framework

Manco.Chart for Compact Framework is the perfect solution to add the most advanced, feature rich charts to the applications written for

Firm Framework for C++

Don't you dream about developing software in extremely small period of time? And how about the program's code that is completely understood by everyone? Isn't it comfortable to develop your applications once and then deploy them across multiple platforms?

Demux Framework

DEMUX Framework is a Java framework for building modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, web and mobile devices

ApPHP MVC Framework

ApPHP MVC Framework is a web application framework that is designed to provide modern and rapid development of websites, web applications and web services

Linked Media Framework

The Linked Media Framework is an easy-to-setup server application that bundles together some key open source projects to offer some advanced services for linked media management

Marvin Image Processing Framework

Marvin is an extensible, cross-platform and open source image processing framework developed in Java

SDL Framework

SDLFW is a cross-platform framework from the powerful SDL library to make 2D games with the LUA programming language

Loader Framework

This loader framework will help to develop a simple loader which patches program in memory and runs, without learning all the details of Win32 APIs

ADO.NET Entity Framework

This CTP is a an early preview of the Code First Programming Model and Productivity Improvements for Entity Framework 4 (included in

Acapulco Framework

Java OSGI-based framework for building modular Swing applications

EffiProz Database for .NET Compact Framework

feature highlights

Written in C#

In-Memory and Persistent databases


Managed Extensibility Framework

The Managed Extensibility Framework (or MEF for short) simplifies the creation of extensible applications