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Lithuanians Code Lines Counter 2.2

Application counts physical lines of source code, configurable.

RefereesHelp Race 1.5.4

A handy and affordable software tool for score-keeping and competition analysis

progress column  1.51

The progress bar is typically used when an application performs tasks such as project progress or sales activity. Users of an application might consider an application non-informative if there is no visual cue. By using the progress bar in your Microsoft

GPA - Graphical Progress Analyzer

GPA is a software system to generate progress drawings quickly

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor makes monotonous SharePoint lists more visual, allowing you to display numerical data visually in the form of percentage-based progress bars

Diet Progress Monitor

Always wanted to lose some extra pounds? Have you tried diets over and over again without sucess? Most people fail, because they don't see results fast