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FontBrowser 1.0

Enables you to preview all the fonts available on your system.

Huge Fake File Creator

With this small piece of software you can create huge files (10TB maximum)

HIME Huge Integer Math and Encryption 1.04

HIME stands for Huge Integer Math and Encryption library. It is a collection of functions for Windows programmers that allows to implement RSA public key encryption, AES (Rijndael) and ArcFour (RC4) secret key encryption and digital signatures using the S

Huge Catch

Ichthyologists in the whole world raise the alarm!

Huge Clock

Huge Clock covers entire screen. Turn your expensive PC into a cheap clock.

Huge Brother Local Server Monitoring Tool v.2

This easy-to-use utility runs on your local machine and requires no complicated set-up. Shows an LED to indicate the servers´ status. Configurable polling interval and light color thresholds.