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Chartbook Maker 1.7.0

Easily print marine chart as a handy, readable booklet using normal printer!

EarthBrowser 3.2.1

Dynamic 3-D model of the earth with live weather, clouds, earthquakes and more

MPMileCharter 3.0

Calculate Mileage Charts and closest destinations with MS MapPoint

Kalendra 2.0

Kalendra is your is your free personal multimedia life organizer!

Mobile Atlas Creator

Mobile Atlas Creator (formerly known as TrekBuddy Atlas Creator) is an open source (GPL) program which creates offline atlases for GPS handhelds and cell phone applications like TrekBuddy, AndNav and other Android and WindowsCE based applications

Atlas of Britain and Ireland 1899

England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales at 6 miles/inch from Andrees magnificent 1899 Atlas, the finest atlas of the 19th century. One must have this atlas to understand pre-1974 traditional counties. Scanned at 300dpi - the beautiful color engrav

World Physical Atlas 2.0

Presenting an array of maps, focusing on the world´s physical geography. Maps for all the major areas of the world and showing: colouring for altitude, oceans and waterways capital and major cities In addition there are continental maps

The Cerefy Clinical Brain Atlas

This remarkable tool provides you with enhanced versions of these world-famous Theme atlases:

* Atlas for Stereotaxy of the Human Brain (Schaltenbrand and Wahren)